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André Faucher alias Focher

André Faucher, high end retoucheur turned digital artist, photographer and sculptor, expresses himself through a variety of media. He fuses photography and digital art via Photoshop, and creates sculptures and toy art in acrylic-painted polymer clay. His creations pay homage to cultural icons and explore our everyday lives, drawing inspiration from music, poetry and fairytales. Her works evoke a vibrant nostalgia, revealing hidden emotions, an invitation to discover the secrets lurking in the details of her compositions.

Born in Mercier in Montérégie, Québec, André Faucher, alias Focher, is dedicated to digital art and the creation of art toys. With over 40 years of experience in the communications field, mainly as a graphic designer and professional retoucher, he began his career as an artpreneur in early 2020.

Yet the spark was lit in 2014, when his creative Winter's Evening (a work inspired by Emile Nelligan's poem) was selected and published in the most prestigious digital art book in the world, Ballistic Publishing's Exposé 11.

Since then, a few works have appeared, including the famous "Requiem" made from the official photo of the first violin of one of the greatest composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The reproduction rights were granted to him by the Leitung Mozart-Museen & Archiv of the Mozartmuseum in Austria. This work is now part of the archives of this foundation, which is entirely dedicated to Mozart.

Art toy

Over time, he developed another passion... the creation of art toys. Finding his childish heart, he enjoys creating characters by giving them life with polymer clay and produced in unique edition.

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